The Founder


Clinician Nurse

Nurse A State graduate in France, I have worked with children for over 17 years. I started with children with disabilities, then I became interested in the mother-baby bond very quickly. I initiated research work and participated in the creation of a maternal and child center in the Rhône.

Passionate about this field I practiced in different countries including France, Gabon and now in Canada with the mother and the baby.


Neonatalogy Pediatrics, Maternity, Child Psychiatry, Psychiatry as much field that I explored to perfect my knowledge and thus develop an expertise in Perinatality.

I am trained for each of the fields, which allows me to have a multidisciplinary approach but above all respectful of each life story.

Influenced by different cultures, I want to pass on all that I have learned to accompany you in this upheaval that represents Motherhood.


I founded this agency in 2016 to provide personalized support to women in their maternity, my experience and the results of research demonstrate that a serene mother in her maternity allows baby to be so also in her different learning.


So in an innovative and modern way I created services that meet the needs of parents at a distance or at home.


To this day a team of professionals work for you around the world.

"Do not be alone anymore in your maternity"