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Audrey, State Registered Nurse in France and Clinical Nurse in Perinatal Care in Canada founded this Center in 2017 to allow women to be supported throughout the maternity process : This passage from woman to mother is sometimes difficult to live with. Her wish is to give access to paramedical perinatal care to all women of the world thanks to the concept of E-consultation.

She has created a unique care philosophy to accompany the different phases of the life of baby and his parents. Care without leaving home but above all which lay a serene basis in the daily life of families and which give parents confidence every day.

More than 10 professionals now work with her and offer consultations in accordance with her deep values of consideration of the baby's wife and her family.

Le centre permet l'accès à des accompagnements périnataux et parentalité de partout dans le monde.
Une équipe pluridisciplinaire le compose et accompagne les familles.


Le centre est rattaché à la Clinique Périnatale HMB inc basé au Canada​

Lieu unique ou la femme pourra trouver des ressources indispensables au vécu de sa maternité. 
Le centre est spécialisé dans l'accompagnement du sommeil de bébé et propose des prises en charges spécifiques selon des données physiologiques qui respecte les besoins de bébé et de sa famille. 


"Pour que plus aucune femme ne reste seule dans sa maternité"

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The Happy Baby Sleep support program was created by Audrey, the founder and CEO of the Perinatal Center. After more than 8 years of studies on sleep, a solid training in perinatal care and a consequent experience with families around the world, she decided to allow families to accompany their child from any baby towards a peaceful sleep. Against sleep training methods which do not take into account the child's basic needs, it offers 3 phases which are based on the transmission of knowledge, parental skills put forward and multidisciplinary care to detect possible brakes sleep of a pathological nature.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

You have the EBOOK , the HBS Online Program and Support from healthcare professionals .

Baby sleep

Breastfeeding is one of the basic needs of a baby and families need to be guided and accompanied in this act, which, however natural, is not always easy. Know if the baby is latching on correctly How not to have pain? Do I have enough milk? Just as many questions that mothers are asking themselves and which require care by health professionals trained in breastfeeding.

3 consultants are available within the online center, in the Paris region, and in the Lyonnaise region.



Becoming a mother is not an easy transition. Baby's first months are as beautiful as they are difficult. Lots of questions arise and parental trust is weakened. Few professionals take charge of this specialty, which is why the entire Happy Mum & Baby team is trained in perinatal issues . GERD, Diversification, colic , maternal support, various baby ailments and screening for brakes to the serenity that motherhood should bring you.

You have an online program for the baby's first months or online care


Naturopathy is a medicine based on the power and virtues of plants. Very used in North America, in the center our naturopath takes care of all the problems of female health but not only. When taking charge, she uses her multidisciplinary skills to meet the various needs of the family.

Specialized in Fertility, she accompanies you from the desire for a child to the birth of it but also after. Nature at the service of health.

Application d'huile essentielle


Groupe de soutien

The desire to conceive a child, pregnancy, the postpartum period or even access to parenthood bring joy, happiness, uncertainties, doubts, etc. When the pregnancy has generated great anxiety, the first bonds of mother-baby attachment may be more difficult to establish. Pregnancy and the birth of a child are physiological events for a woman but also represent real physical and psychological challenges.

Faced with such upheavals, a consultation or follow-up may be necessary: have a benevolent space to speak, ask oneself, feel accompanied in this process of becoming a parent in order to feel less isolated in the face of one's difficulties. This is what the perinatal support consultation offers.

Mental health

Famille dans la cuisine

Sexuality / Reeducation perineum


Mental health

Le Centre périnatal Happy Mum&Baby est un centre qui permet des accompagnement dans le monde et dont le siege social est la Clinique Périnatal HMB situé au Canada.

 Il regroupe des accompagnants périnataux dans le monde entier.

 Tous les accompagnants travaillent comme prestataires du centre..

Vous trouverez des professionnels selon votre pays de résidence. 

Nous recrutons regulierement des collaborateurs en santé, social ou bien être n'hesitez pas à nous faire parvenir votre candidature.